Episode 1 - The Heat is On - Part 1

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Episode 1 - The Heat is On - Part 1

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:06 am

A Silver Gold Production
Written By: SilverJ
Rating: 15+
For so long had he been at the top, not remembering what it was like to be at the bottom. His life is now forced upon by his wealth and fame. Not once does he remember being faithful, only living the days as if tomorrow were the end. What could make him reach amends? How could his fate be changed? It is all up to him. It is all up to how he plans to accommodate for his crimes.

Rachael: Oh, wow! That was…breathtaking!
Allen: I know. I am the one that took the breathe.
Rachael: Hehe. You are so funny, Allen! I guess that’s why I like you so much.
Allen: Sure it is.

Rachael: So, what do you have planned for the rest of the day?
Allen: Business.
Rachael: What kind of business?
Allen: The, none of your business, kind.
Rachael: Oh…well…how about we go out tonight?
Allen: Sorry, no can do. I have an important meeting.
Rachael: Tomorrow night?
Allen: Even busier. I’ll take you out one night, I promise!

Rachael: You promise?!
Allen: I promise!
Rachael: Okay… Get going now.

Allen: You think this looks good?
Rachael: Dashing, Allen!

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Allen: I got it. Hello? Who is this?
Muffled Voice: Is the plan still in play for tomorrow night?
Allen: As far as I know.
Muffled Voice: Good. I need my cash and I need it now.
Allen: Don’t worry. You will get your money.
Muffled Voice: I better, or someone is going to pay up with their head.
Rachael: Who was that?
Allen: Nobody important.

Allen: Hey Danny!
Danny: Hey, umm, Allen.
Allen: Why so odd?
Danny: Well, we ran into a…well…hiccup.
Allen: What do you mean, Danny?
Danny: I mean that we had to put a hold to his whole operation. I’m sorry, Allen, but it had to be done. It was for the sake of the company and ourselves.
Allen: Damn it, Danny! You should have consulted me first!
Danny: I wanted to, but we had to act.
Allen: Do you realize how deep in the water I am? Well, fuck! Why now?!
Danny: Look, Allen. We can have it all up and running by next week.
Allen: No! I need it now! If we don’t fulfill the order in two days, we are all screwed. We will be the hiccup then.
Danny: I’m sorry, Allen! There was nothing we could do.
Allen: Where are they at?
Danny: Who?
Allen: Rico and Lawson. I need to talk to them.
Danny: Oh! Well, they are at the Safe House right now.
Allen: Alright. You come with me.

Rico: You know your problem, man? You are always so clumsy. Sometimes, you got to learn to be relaxed. Only then will it all work out.
Lawson: Yeah. Yeah. Shut your mouth and play some pool, would ya?
Rico: Hey, I’m just trying to help.
Lawson: Well, it isn’t working.

Allen: Guys we need to talk.
Lawson: What is it?
Allen: I want to talk about why you guys decided to shut down our operation?
Rico: Oh, yeah, about that Allen…
Allen: What was so important that you guys had to cut off the operation?

Lawson: Well, Allen, Tahrson’s gang was getting close, too close. We got a tip that they intended to break into the shop and steal everything. So, the three of us and some of the guys decided to get everything out and move it here.
Allen: As in the back-up room?

Rico: Yeah, Allen. Go have a look if you wish.
Allen: I will. After that, we have some work to do, so enough with your game and get ready to work.

Rico: Who shoved a pool stick up between his bongo drums?
Danny: I have no idea.

Allen: Not again!

Philip: A man has many reasoning’s for his doings. Why else would he do them? If he were so compelled to act upon his thoughts, then why wouldn’t people question him? It seems to me that it is only when one of crime does not act that the people of the norm begin to question and fear. Why not when the deed is done? What drills this psychology into their heads? I say it is the fear of becoming too involved. People are afraid of change, therefore they let the criminals run, knowing that they are what separates themselves from the world.
Bar Tender: I think you have had enough for tonight, Phil.
Philip: It is Philip. I have told you that once before. Have you just drawn a blank or are you too stupid to remember?
Bar Tender: …
Philip: Thought so. Anyway, how do you know I have had too much to drink? You are not me and I am not you, so how does that give you the authority to dictate my health’s stamina? Perhaps I have not even had a drink. Did you think of that?
Bar Tender: Yes, actually, I did. I know you don’t drink alcohol. You only come in for some chicken tenders and leave. Every. Single. Night.
Philip: Well, you have noticed something over the past few years, I give you that. Now, about those chicken tenders?
Bar Tender: We close in five.
Philip: That doesn’t answer my question.
Bar Tender: No! I’m not making you any chicken tenders! We are about to close and I need to clean up.
Philip: Avoiding to serve a customer, are we?

Bar Tender: Avoiding to leave, are we?
Philip: Very well! You are getting better. I must be going anyway. I have some files that need addressing.
Bar Tender: Whatever it takes to get you the hell out of here.

Philip: You know, other places would recognize a regular customer such as I.
Bar Tender: Yeah, but I’m not one of those places.
Philip: Very well. Have a nice night.
Bar Tender: (Mutters) It was nice…

Philip: Now what am I going to do for dinner? I’ll live.

Philip: Always nice to be home, except for when I have family coming. That is just a nightmare, but other than that, a wonderful place.

Philip: Ah, what have we got here? A new message! Let us see what my next assignment is.

Philip: Seems as if a new enemy has arisen!

To Be Continued...


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