Episode 1 - The Heat is On - Part 2

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Episode 1 - The Heat is On - Part 2

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 31, 2015 1:28 am

A Silver Gold Production
Written By: SilverJ
Rating: 15+


Allen: Now, Danny, you go with Lawson and see if Tahrson’s gang actually made a break in. If not, take what you can. If they did, burn the building.
Lawson: Got it Allen. Where do you want us to take the stuff?
Allen: I will give you the directions to the building after you have gathered everything.
Lawson: Got it.
Allen: Any questions?

Rico: Yeah, boss. What are we going to do?
Allen: We are going to go have a chat with our superior.
Rico: Wait…what?!
Allen: Yes. You are going to explain yourself while I try and sort this mess.
Rico: But, boss…
Allen: You guys screwed this up, and he is going to know that.

Danny: So glad I’m not going.
Lawson: Me neither.
Rico: I’m screwed.
Allen: Well, no sense in sitting here and complaining. We have work to get done. Let’s go.

Allen: I may have seemed harsh, but I trust you with this more than the others. Danny would probably faint whereas Lawson would just complain and cuss a storm. I don’t need that on my head.
Rico: Thanks, boss…I guess. I’m still nervous.
Allen: I bet. This is the first time I am meeting him in person as well.
Rico: WHAT?!

Allen: We have only communicated through phone calls, but he has insisted that we meet, and he doesn’t know about this. It just happened that he wanted to meet two days before the deal was to go down.
Rico: We are in deep shit!
Allen: Yes, but I think we can manage. It is only a matter of how things go tonight. After this, we will know what is to happen.
Rico: This is going to be crazy.
Allen: Indeed. Not to mention that we are already here.
Rico: At The Dominion Rise?
Allen: Yup. They call it The Dorm.
Rico: Where did the “R” come from?
Allen: From rise.
Rico: Ah.

Allen: When we get in there, follow my lead.
Rico: Alright, boss!
Allen: Also, while we are in the elevator, try and freshen your breath. It is a bit nasty.
Rico: Thanks for the confidence…
Allen: No problem.

Rico: Shit. They got this place guarded well…
Allen: Remember. Follow my lead.

Guard 1: What is your business?
Allen: I wish to speak with Mr. Vanallia.
Guard 1: There is nobody in there by the name of Mr. Vanallia.
Rico: I think…
Allen: Shut up!

Guard 1: Maybe you should listen to your friend here.
Allen: Maybe he prefers the ice cream over the pudding.
Rico: What the…
Guard 1: You may enter.

Allen: What did I say?
Rico: I know. I know.

Mr. Vanallia: Gentlemen! What a pleasure to have you in my threshold! Please, have a seat. I shall be with you momentarily.


Mr. Vanallia: So, gentlemen, what brings you to my fine establishment?
Allen: Well, we have run into a hiccup, as my men have called it.
Mr. Vanallia: A hiccup? I do not like the sound of that word.

Allen: Our operation had to be put at a halt due to Tahrson’s gang becoming a concern.
Mr. Vanallia: Well. Well. In all honesty, I am deeply disappointed with the circumstances o this event. Tahrson’s gang must be dealt with, but in time. Now, I am more concerned with our personal dealings. You are going to be given one chance to explain everything to me.
Allen: Well, we got all of the cars out before anything could happen. Right now, I have a few of my men checking the place to see if Tahrson’s gang made a move. If not, we are completely moving the operation for security. If so, we are burning the building. We do plan to continue with the deal tomorrow evening.

Mr. Vanallia: Very well. You ought to be happy that I am not angery, for you have this under control. But mark my words. If this happens again, you will not live to explain yourself. Understand?
Allen: …
Rico: …
Mr. Vanallia: Grand! Now, we will proceed with tomorrow’s plans. I want every car sold, no matter the circumstance. If not, I will personally make you purchase them with every bit of cash you have. I have many valuable clients coming, all rich beyond belief. You must impress them no matter the cost.
Allen: I understand.
Mr. Vanallia: Oh, I know. You have no choice. Now, leave my presence.

Brad: So, are you up to the task? I know you have the skill, but the will is something entirely different.
Philip: Well, seeing that I am the lead detective of this branch, I’d say so. It also seems to me that you are unsure of my abilities.
Brad: Phil, cut it out! You know that I trust you far more than many in this department, and I would like to keep it that way.
Philip: It is Philip.
Brad: Damn it, Philip!
Philip: Good! You are catching on after…what…13 years? I believe that is right.

Kevin: Umm, guys. Might I have a word?
Brad: What is it, Kev?
Kevin: We got a lead on The Smithzens Crew.
Brad: What is it?
Kevin: They have a deal going down. Tonight!
Brad: Will he be there?

Philip: I guarantee it.
Kevin: Who?
Philip: Our main suspect, Allen Smith.
Kevin: You mean the billionaire?
Philip: Precisely.

Brad: The details of this assignment are very precise. I want nobody going out of my orders. Got that?
Philip: …
Kevin: …
Brad: Good! The Smithzens Crew is one to not take lightly. Now, I know their crimes are not of great danger, yet they have grown increasingly influential over the past few months. In such time, they have gathered over fifty men into their crew.
Philip: It seems that they are a crew, well…more of a corporation, being that they are growing in numbers and a crew is more of a small group of people. Also, a crew is a group of men on a ship, so I don’t really see how that makes sense. Anyway, back to what I was saying. They seem to be more of a crew of theft, not so much as violence. They thrive off of their success. If we stop the operation, we can catch them and put an end to this illegal importing and exporting.
Brad: That seems so.
Kevin: Phil, do you do anything at home besides research?
Philip: It is Philip, and no. Not really.
Kevin: You are rather obsessed.
Philip: I am not obsessed. I only find the value of knowledge to be increasingly desirable towards my interests. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Kevin: I’m pretty sure that you are obsessed.
Philip: Do you even know what obsessed means?
Kevin: …
Philip: Thought so. Well, it means to preoccupy or fill the mind of someone or something continually, intrusively, and to a troubling extent.

Brad: Okay. Now, let’s get back to this. I have been informed that the main warehouse is along the northwest coast of Asterhaven.
Philip: Well, I would think that it would be in Asterhaven since that is our district because we live and operate here.
Brad: Philip.
Philip: Yes?
Brad: Shut up.
Philip: …

Kevin: Alright, Chief. What is the plan? When are we to strike and take down the Smithzens Crew?
Brad: We strike tonight, but in a fashion that may seem odd to you, Kev.
Kevin: How so?
Brad: We are not going about the usual way of break in and search and seizure, no. This time it requires more strategy than anything. Force is not our number one concern.
Kevin: I don’t understand, boss.

Philip: I believe I do. Judging by the trail of the Smithzens recent thefts and so on, I’d say that they are ones of great style and perfection. I have noticed that they do not go to the houses of poor, but to the rich ones and the high-rises of Asterhaven. I don’t mean the small, classless ones. I mean the ones that you find movie stars in and so forth.

Kevin: I still don’t understand.
Philip: What we are trying to say is that we need to arrive in style. We need to get in their scene and prove our trust, then, and only then, shall we find the information we need.
Kevin: I thought we were taking them down?
Philip: Very unlikely. Their operation is too large and we do not know enough yet. This will be one vast step in the right direction though.

Brad: He is right Kevin. This will be a very important operation. Nothing can be done wrong. Everything must be done exactly right, no hiccups. I believe you two are up to the task. We must find all of the evidence we can. This case is huge!
Kevin: Alright. Now, where are we to go?
Brad: You two are going to the Elaborate Opulence. It is a fine dining restaurant for the famous, so you have to prove it to the guards outside. If not, you won’t get in.

Philip: Leave that to me. I got that part under control.
Kevin: Do you now?
Philip: I have been to many restaurants in my life and believe it or not, I know every way of getting into those places.
Kevin: Okay…
Philip: …

Kevin: So, boss, how do we know they are going to be there?
Brad: I have been informed by outside resources. Don’t worry about that.
Kevin: Who are we going to be looking for?
Brad: Look for anyone that seems out of the ordinary, possibly someone dressed as something they’re not. It is all up to you when you get there.

Philip: Psychology is everything.
Kevin: No it isn’t!
Philip: In this case, yes, it is. You should start obeying your superiors.
Kevin: Maybe you should shut up about that psychology shit!
Brad: Kevin! Stop it! Philip is right and you should listen to him. He is your superior and is in charge on this mission.
Kevin: What?! This is bullshit!
Brad: Deal with it! Unless you have a better idea?
Kevin: …
Brad: That’s what I thought.

Philip: Do we get to choose our own style of clothing for this one?
Brad: Yes, just so nothing seems odd about you, even though I know your style.
Philip: Good. I guess we will go and get ready.
Brad: That is well advised.
Philip: Let’s go Kevin. We have a party to attend to.

Brad: Hey, Phil…I mean Philip. Can we have a chat?
Philip: Depends on what it is about, sir.
Brad: I want to talk about tonight.
Philip: Very well.

Brad: I want you to watch out for Kevin. He’s the youngest we have and certainly not the most experienced. This is a big case to you and huge to him. Just keep him from getting killed, would ya?

Philip: I will try my best.
Brad: I need you to promise me! There is no “try” in this situation. This is far more serious than what you are thinking.
Philip: I know it is serious. The fact that I have to go undercover in a restaurant that could have criminals mixed with citizens doesn’t exactly make me feel comfortable. I am putting many in harm’s way by doing this, but it is my job. You may think that I am just willing to do this, but I’m not. I am far more nervous than I have ever been, yet I don’t know why. This is not the most dangerous thing I have ever done, but it is getting to me.
Brad: Wow, Philip… Never knew you were so, what’s the word I’m looking for?
Philip: Scared? Nervous? Paranoid?
Brad: Yeah, those…
Philip: Don’t worry about me, sir. I will take care of myself.
Brad: Alright. Good luck!

Philip: I will keep the boy safe, don’t worry.


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