Episode 2 - A War in the Midst - Part 1

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Episode 2 - A War in the Midst - Part 1

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A Silver Gold Production
Written By: Jon Silver
Rating: 15+

Philip: So, I would advise that we work on our presentation.
Kevin: How do you propose we do that?
Philip: I want you to impress me. Treat me as you would a high-class citizen.
Kevin: But you aren’t.
Philip: I “am not,” but you need to practice.
Kevin: Fine.

Kevin: So…?
Philip: I am waiting.
Kevin: Well, good evening, sir!
Philip: Huff puff! Well, excuse me, Mr. Attitude, but I would appreciate it if you treated your customers with a little more respect and dignity.

Kevin: I do not have an attitude!
Philip: Please! If that is not an attitude, I don’t know what is.
Kevin: You are the one with an attitude!

Philip: I hope you don’t treat all of your customers in such a manner.
Kevin: I’m not even going to work at the restaurant. Back off, would ya?

Philip: This is where you have gone wrong, Kevin. You must persuade each and every person there that you are just like them. I made you the waiter in the instance to see how you would demonstrate yourself. The waiters are the most important people, dealing with these people on a day-to-day basis. If you can be just like them, then you can be one on the top. It is all about persuasion, which is one thing that you need major instruction on. We only have a few hours, but we need to get it right. If you so much as a leave a sign, they will catch you and our operation will be terminated. Prove that you are the head macho, not them.
Kevin: Sorry… I’m just nervous.
Philip: I expect that, but you must be alert at all times. Now, we are going to leave in half an hour. You better be ready. I will be waiting outside for you when the time comes to leave.

Allen: Okay guys. Tonight is the night! We need to impress as many people there as possible. Our goal is to sell all the cars we can.
Lawson: How do you want us to go about that?
Allen: Well, you guys will be dressed as waiters, so that allows you to get a little close with the customers that are going to be coming into the Elaborate Opulence. Find a way to get them to talk about cars.
Danny: How will we know they are going to be interested in cars?
Allen: Because the guy that set this whole operation up invited all of these people. Consider them “hand selected”.
Lawson: So we just have to break the ice?
Allen: Yes, and make sure you talk about a car that you know enough about.
Lawson: Alright.
Danny: Understood!
Allen: Good. Now, go change.

Rico: Eh, boss.

Allen: What is it, Rico?
Rico: You may want to sit for this.

Allen: What is it?
Rico: I want out of this life.
Allen: Don’t worry, Rico! After tonight, we should be free to do what we please.
Rico: That’s just it. I can’t wait any longer! I don’t want to have and live under someone’s rule. I should be living the life of a free man… I guess that was stripped when came here from Puerto Nuevo.

Allen: I’m sorry, Rico. I should have never dragged you into this. I, too, wish to rid myself of this life, but it seems impossible.
Rico: If only we could just leave…but I know that is impossible. This life will forever haunt us.
Allen: That’s the price you pay for joining this life, I guess.
Rico: I guess so.

Allen: Well, we should get ready.

Rico: I’m not going.
Allen: Rico, please! If you do not come, we will all be in trouble.
Rico: I refuse.

Allen: Here, we will meet in the middle. If you have one last go, I will help you leave Asterhaven. I’ll even give you money and help you whenever you need it.
Rico: Really?
Allen: Yes, but you have to help me tonight.

Rico: Fine. I’ll do it.
Allen: Thank you, Rico!
Rico: No, thank you, Allen! You are helping me get my life back.

Philip: What a fine establishment! Don’t you think so Harold?
Kevin: Umm…my name is…
Philip: Oh, Harold, please! Do not try and pull one of your tricks.
Kevin: (Whispers.) Philip, what are you doing?
Philip: (Whispers.) Follow my lead and refer to me as Reginald.

Man: Gentlemen! Welcome to the Elaborate Opulence! How may I be of service?

Philip: Well, my friend and I would care to dine in your fine establishment, Mr…
Man: Oh, excuse my manners. I am Mr. Vanallia.
Philip: It is a great pleasure to meet you, Mr. Vanallia! I am Reginald, this is Harold.

Mr. Vanallia: A pleasure to meet you both as well. Now, before I get you two seated, I would like to speak to you about tonight’s evens. Do you both prefer to dine with the accompaniment of music?
Kevin: Of course!
Philip: I quite enjoy the sounds of music.
Mr. Vanallia: Fantastic! Then I shall seat you upstairs and fill you in on tonight’s proceedings.
Philip: Dashing!

Mr. Vanallia: First off, I would like to thank the both of you for choosing the Elaborate Opulence. I hope that you have a wonderful experience!
Philip: Why thank you!
Kevin: Thank you!
Mr. Vanallia: You are very welcome! Now, I will turn it over to your waiter this even, for he will fill you in on tonight’s events.

Allen: Good evening, gentlemen!
Philip: Good evening!
Kevin: Good evening!
Allen: My name is Allen and I will be your waiter this evening. First off, I would like to thank you two for choosing the Elaborate Opulence. Now, tonight, along with the music, there will be an opportunity for you both to purchase some high-end vehicles.
Philip: That is interesting! I would love to see a list if you possess one.
Allen: I will certainly get you one. Now, what would you gentlemen like to have?
Philip: I shall have the lobster and salad.
Kevin: Fettuccini Alfredo for me.
Allen: Alright. I will be back with your meals.

Philip: That is our number one suspect. We need to get as much out of him as possible.
Kevin: Okay. What about Mr. Vanallia?
Philip: We will figure out what we need to about him through Allen. One person at a time.
Kevin: What now?
Philip: We dine!
Kevin: But everyone is standing up.
Philip: Shut up and dine, would you?!

Mr. Vanallia: Allen, I have a customer that is eager to buy this evening.

Allen: Who is it?
Mr. Vanallia: Their name is Raef. I will introduce you to them once you have finished with the gentlemen over there.
Allen: Okay.
Mr. Vanallia: Carry on now.

Mr. Vanallia: Bernardo.
Rico: It is Rico, Mr. Vanallia.
Mr. Vanallia: Same thing. Now, listen carefully.
Rico: Okay.
Mr. Vanallia: I want you to keep an eye on Allen. I feel that he intends to pull something that I will not be quite fond of.
Rico: Like what?
Mr. Vanallia: I think he is going to try and escape.

Philip: I do declare, Harold, that was quite the meal!
Kevin: I feel fat.
Philip: Where are your manners?
Kevin: Oh, well, umm…

Allen: Hello gentlemen! I see you enjoyed your meals.
Philip: Indeed!
Kevin: Yeah.
Allen: Mind if I sit for tonight’s purchasing of the vehicles?
Philip: I don’t see why you can’t.

Allen: We have car brands such as BNB, Heaveola, Dover, Escudo, Smord, and more.
Philip: What would you suggest?
Allen: The 1961 BNB Oberon 670 TR is an excellent classic vehicle, along with the 1983 Lelion Sandrine Cabrio by Nicolet and the 1960 Vrad Rua Faunton.
Philip: Very nice, indeed! What would you pick, Kevin?

Kevin: I have always liked the 1960 4-door Marais…

Allen: I will go and get the paperwork.

Mr. Vanallia: Allen, my dear friend, have you made any progress with those gentlemen?
Allen: Yes, they want a 4-door Marais.
Mr. Vanallia: Splendid! Now, before you go and acquire the paperwork, I want you to talk to Raef. They are growing anxious to make a deal. I do not want to lose a profit.
Allen: Alright, sir.

Mr. Vanallia: This is Raef.

Allen: Nice to meet you, sir!

Mr. Vanallia: Umm, Allen…that is not Raef…
Raef: I am.

To Be Continued...


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